Is there a general forum plugin

I have searched through the plugins section and found a few forums but a lot of them dont work on the latest version of elgg. Can anyone recommend a good forum plugin?

  • only know a couple that work on 1.8.....hypeforum works, i use it myself

  • does hype forum use the same dbase tables as the default discussion system?
    switching away from elgg core tables is not a great idea. 

  • never really looked, would bet it doesnt because it runs off his framework and think that is where he goes really different from elgg, like his comments in hypealive.  I just use it because have only really found two forums for 1.8 and the other had some issues if i remember correct.

  • sure, yeah.. i can foresee the evolution of elgg core to include a more advanced forum at some point - essentially extending the discussion part of groups.. which is also a type of forum as we are using here..
    if the river has the option to show only groups it all becomes a lot more useable and you don't end up with needing a specific developer to keep up with the changes to elgg core to ensure that your data remains accessible in the future. 

  • kk;-oO\P - i peeked into code ;-) IK's using *different strucs for hypeforum (actually for almost|all his plugin stuffs!) so y'all got dog's chance of meddling with that code, customizing or modifying. IK - with that 'framework' of his - might as well create a whole new 'fork' from elgg - one that becomes independent (incompatible) with elg as we others know it... too many differences in design directions and implementations of plugin arena's functionalities.

  • My installation of hype forum doesnt allow me to delete users posts or topics, the function to delete a topic doesnt work, it says something about missing token and theres no option to delete a users post.

    Does anyone else have any suggestions for a forum to use?

  • holy crap, spent the entire day editing the css........and cant delete posts


  • I'm looking into the code but as it stands whatever gets posted to the forums cant be deleted i.e spam and unwanted messages. Its a shame there is a functioning forum for elgg it would be a great addition.


  • @Mike101, @costakisc have you mentioned the delete problem to Ismayil? He's generally quite helpful. The delete is, of course, necessary, and we are thinking of using this plugin, so I'd be interested in knowing what he says about it.

    @Mike101, you mentioned you need to delete spam, I'm wondering, if you delete the User does it delete the spam? I would assume it should, of course, it must.


  • @Ron, i have not yet, been really busy with other stuff.  Just noticed this post, checked it out and commented.  Its a shame, hypes plugins are awesome, but without delete it is a real problem. 

    hypeforum and hypealive (comments) are really great plugins, i would recommend them both and i use both, but since my site is still in development the delete isnt a problem yet, for others i am sure it will be