what are your ways of fighting SPAM?

i've resorted to htaccess IP blocks now, blocking them in range by the last digits. what are your ways of fighting spam? please share so the whole community will know. knowledge is power.

  • @cim -- whyyy ? i just like to try hard(-er). besides spent 1/3 of my lifetime here @elgg collecting *samples of spam stuff. w/ some hopes that i can analyze and get lucky & maybe come up with *code that cud detect ~~ e.g those spams you started with @here -> which a human can recignize almost immediately ! but much harder to program in code for detection ;( that has been and still is = the challenge. here's those PhD`s put there who research and all ends up with some php coder dealing out opem-source code to implement just that (smart algorithms & etc..) e.g the bayesian and other similar ones - so easily available in simple php now.