what are your ways of fighting SPAM?

i've resorted to htaccess IP blocks now, blocking them in range by the last digits. what are your ways of fighting spam? please share so the whole community will know. knowledge is power.

  • @ura - there are some (not very difficult) php calls to detect those spoofers.. unless.. yr spammers r mucho smarter (&they're arnd!) in hi-techz than the *average (80% of elgg ppl here!) programmer.

  • @ben - yr ip# caint connect @fbfk b/c u were banned & blocked for violating the site's tos and annoying and harassing little girls at fbfk ;) so - do you really wanna discuss all that external stuff in here ??

  • this is better than Friday Night Fights on HBO, gotta love free entertainment


  • @Dhrup I definitely wasn't banned from FKKids :) and I can't reach your site from Hungary. 403 forbidden. You might need to revisit your .htaccess rules.

  • oopppsss && LOLZ ;-P NOT YOU Andras hehhh - I posted mssg abt that kid..!

  • ps: this is hilarious.. BUT IF ANYONE is reading - Andras is not the 'banned kid' from fkkids who's also here @Elgg. Andras most likely could not get himself banned from any site even if he tried ! b/c he is a very different kinda guy ;-) I do apologize for anything i *might have said that even vaguely implied that abt Andras.. (re: Hungary's 403 - I wonder.. why I blocked ? We had a serious serious spammer *hacker *once from somewhere in the western Europe areas.. some years back, maybe. Andras in quite welcome to join lolz if he wants - i'll do a allow for his IP until I figure out why Hungary ;-) With the situation re: some kinds spammers or hackers - I have found it safer to block out whole countries which have very little traffic anyways.

  • @Dhrup LOL no need to apologize, just wanted to let you know that apparently Hungary is also in your list of banned countries. No worries :)

  • steve aquila, how did you get stopforumspam to work? i have 1.8.8 and it doesn't seem to work :/ and also how did you get to match a person's IP address to match google's region API map thing.

  • @Cim: Steve doesn't do thattaway match so much as -> the *degree of mismatch indicates the likelihood of spammers trying to register and so your chances are better at detect/block. +++ do you not read around much @here these days  ? SFS :> '... Releases Author Recommended: 1.8.2 (11 hours ago)... '

    @Andras: no 100% worries ;) tho for abt 10 secs I thot I'd posted wrongly loosely phrased wordings somewhere..;-O and sometimes triage'd defense works the best in the shorter run.


  • thank you dhrup, you are my hero lol