Just Want All in The Wire

How would I disable the Mine and Friends tabs just in The Wire?  I just want to use /all.

   Which file should I look at, and which call?


  • Tried putting this in the mod's css.php, but it deleted the tabs in Blogs and Pages, etc as well as The Wire:

    .elgg-menu-filter {
    display: none;}

    That would be great if it could be local to The Wire, because I don't need the tabs bar at all.

    Any ideas?

  • on the wire page or on the activity page?

  • On The Wire.  Thanks for any info.

  • it's not quite exactly 'which file, which call..' situation. those tabs are a part of the core's facility to display any and *all *global entities' content. for thewire's displays - you'll have to look up all the page handlers for the tabs *not wanted to code those out and override the core's default page layouts for content filter just for thewire to *not call in those 'pesky' tabs. might get messy for a someone too new to the api.

  • If we were using The Wire for its intended purpose I would agree with you.  I made a copy of The Wire and edited it so that only admins can post so we can use it as an announcements mod.  As such having Mine and Friends is confusing.  So I really need to suppress them.

    My hope is that there is a call in that code that is pulling in the global tabs, or a call I can make that will do that so I don't have to hack the core. Mine makes no sense in this context because only Admins would have posts, and Friends makes no sense because we want everybody to be able to see the announcements.

    Sorry for the long explanation.  There has to be a page and/or a call within the mod that can suppress this.  All I need from this modified version is the ALL page and the Add page (for admins).  But I really need the tabs to go away.

    Thanks again for any suggestions.

  • if you do the css, couldnt you do a:

    elgg get context, deal in the start for the extend view, so it will only apply the "none" for the wire?

  • suggestions @above are worth 'code-gold' follow those well and you'll find all the code,, but remember it's 'not just ' a page and/or a call '  ;-( code trail goes deeper - thru several many steps.. into elgg core (thewire plugin is not enough..) - that's not q. for agree or disagree. that's where the code you want to help you - is to be found. the core can be extended or overriden - that's what i said above - not 'hack'.

  • costakisc, that is a great solution.  Thanks very much for that idea.  I ended up implementing a different way, but that led me to the solution I ended up using.  Essentially I did this in the copy of the mod's everyone.php (my changes in red):

    $body = "<style type=\"text/css\">
    .elgg-menu-filter {
    display: none;

    $body .= elgg_view_layout('content', array(
    'filter_context' => 'all',
    'content' => $content,
    'title' => $title,
    'sidebar' => elgg_view('kabannounce/sidebar'),