Html Software

Hi i am looking for some software to edit elgg website pages in a broswer??

I Have try Sea Monkey this a broswer editor in one but didnt wrk when i edited txt on my site and save it. It mess up the page when refreshed ?

is it possible to edit elgg in the way as it a datebase driver website ? and it dosent have actually phiscal pages ??


  • Elgg does 'views' and things like that ~= MVC methodology.
    it's a little very much more than straight-forward html editing ;(
    To 'edit' the pages - you'll need to identify the 'Views' involved
    and then edit/patch the code in there.
    However, as you progress -
    you will see that you *can actually use Sea/M
    to code up quickie little *pieces of html -
    which then you have to transfer over to the Views.