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I'm currently working on the theme for a local news style site with a social network login area for membersrot add contents. The front end will have magazine style sections (done with categories) which will have slightly different themes.


I was thinking of using php to change the colours in the CSS (as in have the parts that change colour set as variables within the relevent CSS.php).


Im guessing with the Elgg simplecache, the php would not be evaluated on load, is that correct?

  • Sorry for typos/spacing, posting on my mobile and it wouldn't let me correct without deleting everything!

  • You can turn of simple cache from the admin panel during development. Just extend the Elgg css, with your CSS and assign particular class names for the categories. The only trick here in Elgg is, CSS files are created as views.

  • @Sparky - you are correct, if you needto serve different css outside of cache you can extend page/elements/head with a view that outputs a style block.  Cache as much as you can though.

  • I could just add the CSS for eachpage to the CSS views, I'm just trying to keep the size down. Would probably be quicker to have a bigger CSS file additional file/http requests etc.

    Thanks for your help.

  • a few clarifications - if these will help ;-)

    it is not so much 'ccs views for *each page' -
    there's maybe > 1 style file for thehandful of views;
    we can pretty much define our custm css as we like -
    by the page, by classes, by selectors, by whatevers..

    one & bigger file ? of course, thats the aim & the way..
    habe browse at how Elgg itself handles all CSS and
    in the end we end up with just the one css - - looking
    @ the view-source - you'll see what the resultant is.

    cheers ;-oO

  • Cheers Dhrup, I get that,just wanted to make that one big file as small as I can :).

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