elgg Developer Requirer to quote for freelance work ??

Hi everyone i am looking for someone to quote for some wrk i need doing to a elgg site. on reply i can email you a list of chnages and tweaks i am wanting to make. i have listed some of the changes below cheers

Group Page layout and customizeation 

Group Page Handler changed to display more than 10 groups

Rnameing serval links 

Getting the event module to properly with goolge maps 

Adding links to admin Panel for webmail ect 


  • Rene:

    (1) Mon Ami - You've posted in the wrong Group ;-)
    You should have gone to the Professional Services Group!
    but not to worry - they won't shoot you for this ;-)

    (2) Somewhat rather sketchy *details of the tasks you want done.

    #1 Grps Layout - cud be a large $range
    #2 is okay and veryy easy
    #3 same
    #4 Which Event PlugIn?
    #5 What kinda Links? what kinda WebMail?
    ( but PlZ send me a PM if you want to dicsuss techs/details)


Beginning Developers

Beginning Developers

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