How to display more than 10 results in groups

Dose anyone know which file and where the setting is to display more than 10 results in groups ??

  • hi i check this out but there is not referce to 10 the number of groups displayed per page in any on the files under groups/lib in group.php the limit is set to 40 witch is fine bas i have about 30 groups but i dont want the use to have to go thought serval pages to find a group cheers 

  • i guess you're not too familiar with the elgg api and std parms ;-) /lib/groups.php *is the correct place to control the "limit" of (default) 10 group for get entities.. how about reading around for just a little bit more..? it is all in there somewhere ! ;-P ahhh.. the pleasure of finding code..;-oO

  • The functions like elgg_list_entities_from_metadata(), elgg_list_entities() etc.. will return 10 results/page by default. If you want to show more results or a number different than 10, pass 'limit'=>X in the array (where X is the number). Take a look at and to learn about Elgg API's.

    Also this is not the proper way of doing it. If you modify a core file, you have to do the same when new versions of Elgg rolls out. You need to create a simple elgg plugin, unregister the groups page handler and then register a new handler function for the same.

  • i have had closer look i am guessing it a ture/false setting in group.php as ther are serval do you know what i might be looking for to set to ture??

  • Do you know which core file i need modify to change groups page handler cheers