Problem: install Elgg 1.8.5 on FreeBSD

Hi, I successfully installed elgg on my CentOS server, but now i have demand to build it on my FreeBSD server.

I installed pkg for my FreeBSD : apache-2.2.21, php5-5.3.8, php5-gd-5.3.8, php5-mbstring-5.3.8, php5-mysql-5.3.8, mysql-server-5.5.17

So, when finished it, i coppied elgg source to my site directory and start to install by web interface.
And it become like this:

I try to search on the internet, and got that elgg must be ported to work on freeBSD (is it right?).

Thanks for any helps and ideas. I will check frequently.

Thanks for all your times.

  • 'ported to freeBSD' ???  I think not ! Elgg is merely PHP code. From your screenShot - it looks like you have some Server setup issues in your freeBSD. Check that area and try to fix..

  • Are there any way to check the issue when i check default website working but elgg is not?

    I installed these package by using "pkg_add" command, it's done and no error output when finished.

    I'm not sure "port to work on freeBSD", i just got that from the internet with this link

    So, any ideas about this issue?

    I'm appreciate for any helps and ideas.

    Thanks for all your times.

  • reading your screenshot posted above ;-0);X;P.. quite clearly demonstrates the server is not configured correctly/ completly -- it is not serving .php file types !! e.g. -> is mod php installed ? is your apache configured to handle php filetypes ? does not look like so.. try checking for aspects of the (apache) configs that post you referred ? that guy seriously does not know much abt web servers in general ;-) if he says ' install process is broken right now.. ' re: elgg which has been downloaded, installed, running approx X 000,000 iterations. btw - you won't dinf much freebsd expertise here- most ppl here use lampp stack for devel. elgg install should take about 2 - 5 minutes, incl db setup. any excessive time.. beyond that -- the server is not quite right n ready to make it.

  • Thanks Scoop, I fixed it, you are right.

    Thanks so much.


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