ajax tabs as sitewide default feature

does anyone know if there is an intention to integrate ajaxed tabs into elgg core? for members, groups, river, blogs index pages etc.?

i made a version of each of the modules that included that for 1.7 elgg. i'm sure there will be much more elegant ways of doing it now, than how i did it then.. but i'd rather see it go into elgg core than keep re-coding it each time the versions increase.

i'm also interested to know of suggestions as to how to do this easily..
like with one clever piece of code/plugin that creates that effect in all instances of the tab tool.


  • Its a little hard for us to integrate features like this into core because customizations to the theme or layout can easily cause breakage. Right now I think out best hope is in ajaxifying loads between pages that use the same page shell. For example in my ajaxify plugin I've been able to ajaxify a lot of the admin pages pretty easily, since they're all so similar. But even that is not as robust as I'd like it to be before we put something in core.

    tl;dr: we're thinking about it and are open to thoughtful proposals.

  • thanks for the input. :)

    i'm not clear on what difficulty would arise in axifiying the lists that appear with tabbed buttons in terms of breaking themes, since there will always be the same basic elements of a list and some buttons. 

    perhaps you are referring to sites where each sub-list (e.g. the 'online' list on the members page) is presented with unique modules and other page features that relate to it?

    if so, maybe a solution could include scope for providing via code, the names of the various elements to change via ajax, other than the list itself? i appreciate that could result in a complex implementation, without examples from real sites i'm not certain of what the needs are.

  • Themes can change them so there are not always the same based elements :) Themes aren't restricted to changing colors, they can change the whole structure of the DOM as much as they please. We don't want things to fall apart if this is the case, and we don't want to discourage people from creating very compelling and unique layouts by providing extra support for only one setup.

  • i can see how having an admin option to activate or deactivate ajaxifying these lists would provide necessary scope for supporting all potentials.

  • ah i see the trac ticket i opened is still active and scheduled for 1.9.


  • Actually, it is scheduled for near-term future release. Likely not going to happen in 1.9.

  • oh ok, i was looking at the milestone in trac.

  • @Evan but i think in 1.7 release activity tabs is ajaxed, is it ajaxed or not?... becuase long time i have not used 1.7 so i am not sure about this..

  • I don't think anything in 1.7 was ajaxed by default.  There may have been a plugin for it...

  • i made a plugin to convert groups and members tabs to ajax. robust_blog had it for blogs and the version of the river i made to include group selector had it for the river... all in 1.7.
    so with that combination all the tabs on my site had it. 

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