1.8.8 is constantly notifying admins of unused plugins from previous 1.7 installation

i have upgraded my 1.7.8 elgg test install to 1.8.8 and junked a number of plugins as they are not yet compatible or i just don't need them.

they were not present in the mod folder for the 1.8.8. install as i only kept the database and data folder from the 1.7.8 install and completely erased the php/web files; replacing them with the 1.8.8 versions..

now, when i login to the admin area of the 1.8.8 install, i see many messages notifying that various plugins could not start, yet they are not present in the mod folder at all.

so this seems to be a glitch in the plugin handling of elgg core.. 
i looked through the database to attempt to locate a table to edit to at least rid the install of the notification messages and found entries in the entities table that relate to the plugins.

am i ok to just delete the relevant entries from the entities table? or will that cause integrity issues elsewhere?
anyone else know how to resolve this? is this one for trac?


  • i also just noticed that some of the notifications are duplicated and some refer to old versions of the plugins that i have updated with 1.8 compatible versions, yet with guids that match the updated 1.8 version.

    e.g. i see a message saying that 'feedback' would not start with a guid of 8050.. I had feedback installed in the 1.7.8 version and now have the updated plugin installed for 1.8.4, yet there is only one reference to 'feedback' in the database (guid 8050) and the feedback plugin is working fine. 

  • Modifying the database will absolutely cause integrity issues. Never edit the tables by hand.

    As for the other issues, have you gone through the full upgrade process? Run upgrade.php? I believe there was a significant change in how plugins are handled b/w 1.7 and 1.8

  • ok, noted. ;)

    yes, i ran upgrade.php when i initially set the site up and also again just now to confirm.

    i just read through the upgrade.txt file (after having run the upgrade.. lol) - and found that i did not miss any of the listed stages described in that file..


  • I guess you might not have disabled these plugins in Elgg 1.7 before the upgrade but simply deleted the plugin folders. Well, too late to change that now. But the error messages should only appear once normally. Have you clicked on the close icon (X) to dismiss the error messages? Do they re-appear?

    If you don't get the error messages to vanish permanently, it might help to use the method to get rid of mis-behaving plugins: create a file named "disabled" in the plugin folder. This should temporarily disable all plugins. Maybe this will also re-initialize the plugin list, i.e. the former plugins no longer installed will be forgotten. Re-fresh the site cache (it should at least not hurt) and then remove the "disabled" file again.

  • i was closing them and then they would re-appear, yes.. the admin page is coded to only show 8 or so at a time.. so each time i closed the 8 and reloaded the page, another 8 would appear..
    however, i have just sat and clicked and clicked multiple pages and now no more are appearing.
    often the same plugins was appearing twice and then reappearing and so on, so i think there is some kind of glitch there.
    at the very least there is scope for some method of grouping multiple exception/error messages into a container message that shows all in one place at one time. 

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