Migrating Elgg to BuddyPress and bbPress

I just wanted to alert folks that we just completed a crazy complex project migrating a 40K user Elgg installation to a combo BuddyPress and bbPress installation.  This included mapping all database tables in Elgg to their best counterparts in BuddyPress.  The site that we migrated to WordPress (and BuddyPress and bbPress) is www.HeartIFB.com.  We learned tons about performance issues and the ungodly database structure of Elgg. It was far easier to understand BuddyPress.  I would be happy to help anyone attempting to do the same thing. Our database is about 1.9GB, 40K users, with 1,000's of posts.  It's also a fully responsive design with a single code base.  Happy to help as we learned an immense amount during this project.