Essential Specs for new network


I am currently in the process of developing a new website and I am unsure of which platform to use.

The essential specs for the new network are as follows:
1. It need to be 'own labelled'
2. It must have the ability to link to an external site keeping it framed within the social site, for example, using <iframe>. Some third party sites require login credentials I would like to be ‘passed thru’ from the members profile so the member only needs to log in once.
3. It will require one network with many sub-networks. Each sub-network should be private and cannot be viewed by other sub-networks. However, I would like members from any sub-network to view other sub-networks' members being able to invite them to become friends. There should also be a cross sub-network forum.
All other cross sub-network function should be hidden / private. The main site activity feed should be set to show only items from the members’ peers in their network only.

Firstly, I was wondering whether this is achievable with elgg and how?
Secondly, if not, do you know of another platform that does offer this functionality?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  • Luke,

    1) no problem. The code is GPL or if you want the Elgg code also to be own labeled you can use the MIT licensed variant

    2) Bad idea. Iframing is always an option, but passing credentials via the iframe url is very unsecure. Integrating with the other site should be handle by the clientsoftware or by a process like OpenID or oAuth

    3) The subnetworks can be the group functionality of Elgg. Elgg access rules will prevent you from seeing content not shared with you and you can limit membership to groups by groupadmin approval. This there is no accounting problem or shared feature issue.

    So, yeah this can be done with Elgg :)

  • ad 1) Elgg 1.7 is under GPL and MIT, Elgg 1.8 is under GPL only right now, although there's a thread here to modify it to MIT-compatible

    As Jeroen pointed out, Elgg can be used to your project fairly easily.