Discussion vs Groups

Why is there a discussion tab when all you can do is read posts that are already in groups???


I posted a discussion item in the beginners group, and it posted ok.


Then i start reading some other posts which I want to reply to (am logged in btw), however there is no way to reply (nothing at all, no reply button, not textarea, no side menu buttons, nothing).  Click on my post and again no way to reply.


Then I go to groups and click the post and I can reply to my own post, however other users I cannot reply to. i.e "Tried launching site for everyone with changed hash algorithim -- Nightmare On My Site!" is the title of someone elses post just yesterday and I cannot reply. 

All seems a little flakey to me to do the most simpliest of tasks "reply to someone''s post"

Do i have to try and find this post int he actualy group it was created in???

So can someone please tell me what the difference between group and discussion is?  is discussion aread only view of the posts?

 the more i use elgg the stranger it gets.....


there are 5 or 5 discussion topics I want to reply to on this site, and yet I cannot!!!!

Beginning Developers

Beginning Developers

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