Elgg appears ridiculously slow...

And this is on my local machine. I don't have many plugins either. The page load time is about 6-7 seconds. This is when I have 3-4 users.

Can someone please help me understand where I need to start looking? 

  • @iionly how do i optimize for concurrent users. my live site appears very slow too...what do i need to tune? 

    @gumanz work with the database? not sure what you mean

  • RE: XAMPP / WAMP localhost installs of *any software/ package. platform :=>
            There is *no performance metrics that can be meaningful *at all for a *PC-based
            server software installs - it is the Live Server on the Hosted - Shared. VPS/ Dedicated -
            that really matters for any study, investigation, performance and tuning.
            i.e. the PC XAMPP/WAMP don't mattr diddley. That is far better left to-be
            and if the speeds on a PC is of any concerns - we try to explain via antiVirus S/W activity
            *or we get a more poweful, more RAM, more etc PC.
            This has been my experience when - very often speeds from the *live server
            which could be *thousands of miles away - beats speeds on my PC/ XAMPP almost *anytime!

    RE: Live Server/ Apache./ MySQL/ PHP/ etc Platforms' Performance  :=>
            Performance study, monitoring, metrics and tuning is not and has not been a trivial task
            to be performed casually with general advice off forum posts' advice ;-)
            There is a fairly involved & complicated level of scope and researching to be done in this area
            and an insufficient technical background in the appropriate areas' technlogies will
            show a marked sense-of-loss in what-to-do... The few times I have had the 'pleasure'
            of trying to 'consult' my own hosting technical-support - I have been politely told
            to read the relevant platform reference manuals ;-oO
            Whatever performance improvements we have made to our own Dedicatd Servers has been
            usually after several months of *continual monitoring and research and a fair amount of
            trial & error with parameters` tweaking (& between Apache, MySQL, PHP - there are hundreds!)

    SO :=>
            'What to tune' ? - There can be no one sentence porparagraph answers to help speed things up.
            'work with the Database' ? - Have a browse thru some of these on MySQL performance --
            and you'll see the mountain(s) that are facing us ;-)

    Why such a bleak and dour attitude ? Wear my shoes for several 48-hour non-stop, no-sleep sessions and then crash for 16 hours straight.. and you'll get the drift...;-X;P


  • I beg to differ with what you have said. This is straight out of the box installation. There is not load on the site. no one is visiting it. It should be reasonable not taking 10 seconds to load. I don't think I am asking for too much here.

  • you probably need to change your hosting.



  • Hmm.. the main question, that noone mentioned, is if You have filepath and simple cache enabled? Together with too eager antivirus it can cause even 30s page loading (especially Kaspersky is problematic). Try enabling caches and disabling antivirus for a while.

    If cache and antivirus won't help, you'd better check your code with the profiler (like xdebug distributed with wamp server) to point out exact problem. There might be plenty of reasons from DB config issues to some fancy PHP code ;-) Figure out the problem before applying solution.

    Fresh install should run far below 1s on core load.

  • Thanks for the tips @Srokap

    However, what should i do about my live site on godaddy? its linux.

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