login page for elgg site on non elgg site

I found a plugin that is suppose to allow me to put a login page on a site, but i couldnt get it to work.  my most recent site has two parts, a public site, and a members only site.  I was wondering how to put a login on a non elgg site.  i tried iframe, and html but to no avail.  any suggestions.  thanks for any help i can get :)

  • Would the Elgg session status affect the other application? e.g. would logging into Elgg log you into the other app? What if the user was already logged in, what would they see in place of the login form?

    It took some serious work to do this, but on this site I made the login form always appear through an iframe, and the PHP template had different logic if called within an Elgg view. The result was I could use the same PHP template and JS across other PHP apps on the domain. Outside Elgg, an XHR call is made to fetch the user block content, but everywhere the login occurs through an iframe. This also requires making sure the browser never forwards to the login iframe content after login.

  • thats an excellent point.  ill try that.


    thats a gorgeous site btw

  • there's an (old) plugin that handles remote logins and stuffs exactly like u want ;-oO by Khaled Afiouni. just hunt it down..