Members' data did not transfer from elgg 1.7.1 to elgg 1.8.8

I was using elgg 1.7.1 and then recently changed to another host but was unable to duplicate my elgg installation (1.7.1) on the new host. I, therefore, did a clean installation but this time with elgg 1.8.8 and transferred my database (from elgg 1.7.1) to it. The problem is I do not see any of my members from the elgg 1.7.1 installation. No data at all of any of them. No picture. No "nothing". Need your help. Thank you.

  • After transfering your DB,

    1. you need to change the site URL, the file storage path, elgg path etc in the DB. See
    2. Now you need to run the upgrade script located at


  • Thanks Team Webgalli. I have done all that but still not working. Most of the members are spammers anyway, so I'll invite the non-spammers to come back and re-register, since their usernames and email addresses did transfer. The only thing that did not transfer was their pictures and few other data.

  • If don't fully understand: on the one hand you say the members are missing but you still have the usernames and email addresses? So, the users are there but not their data?

    You did copy the data directory to the new server, did you? You also made sure that the file/directory permissions for the data directory are correct (755) and the owner/group of the data directory matches the requirements on the new server? If you think the data directory is there and the access is okay, you might need to check if the new server uses the open_basedir variable. If yes, you need to add the data directory to the list of allowed directories.

  • Your problem is different? If you are not able to see the icons after migration see But this shouldnot cause any errors if you are on the same server.

  • iionly, the database did transfer so I am able to see their usernames, the email addresses when I go to phpMyadmin. I just do not see them on the website. Yes I did copy the data directory to the new server and chmod it to 755. Everything is fine with the new registrants and this new server. I'll try your other suggestion and let you know.

    Team webgalli, I'll check and see if that will solve the problem. Thank to u all.