My site, just looking for some feedback

Just looking for some people to check out my site and let me know what they think.  It is still under construction (a long way to go).  I have a long way to go and dont have a lot of time during the day to work on it, just looking for some general feedback about what people think.  It loads a little slow, using a test server until I complete it then will move to a hosted server.

username: guest

password: welcome


Thanks for any input


  • I like your site, and u did a lot of work on that I can see.

    Now u have chat option there, I had the same chat plugin was working perfect but the only thing that chat box did to me made my site slow and also pages were fully loading, when I did try to disable that chat box then I could post in river without reloading the whole web page. So I found out that with this chat plugin so many things change behind the web.

    So I have removed that chat plugin and looking for a lite one same as facebook :)

    Can't wait for the NUTS :)


  • the NUTS is just a page for my xbox clan, not really going to be much to it, just a list of names, rank, and xbox games played.