Elgg Developers Vs. Users? What about filling the gap with Pre-donations?

Hello everybody.

Maybe my idea is not so great, maybe I'm bothering somebody here by posting this discussion but I definitely think it's better to share this.

Lately I've started upgrading my network from Elgg 1.7 to Elgg 1.8 and noticed that many plugins I am using are not being updated by their developers and I guess why.

All developers are doing a great volunteer job here and I'm very grateful to all of them for allowing me to use their programming knowledges to bring my project (my firend's and mine, actually) to the world.

On the other side there's us, the users, with very little money to invest, "leeching" from where possible and, I'm sure of this, feeling a bit "guilty" because not able to do much more than saying "thank you".

What happens when in need of plugins upgrades?

I guess developers are tired and/or frustrated of working so much with (maybe) small or no return as donations, therefore not really willing to upgrade their plugins.

And, users are sad and/or frustrated not to be able to give their community members better and/or newer features. Of course all of us (website's managers) could pay for all plugins upgrades but I am sure very few of us can, considering their personal wallets.

So, what's a possible solution?

I thought about it and came out with an idea (don't laugh at me please, I'm a tenderhearted guy :-D): Pre-donations!

What if 20 users in real need of some plugins' upgrade would say, for example, to be ready to pay 25 USD each to have plugin X upgraded? That would be a 500 USD pre-donation base for developers to start working more relaxed and with a good cup of coffee - italian espresso of course ;-) - on the desktop.

That's all...what do you think?

Cheers from Italy


  • Hi everybody,

    @DhrupDeScoop sorry, don't understand your question to me....need to improve my english :(

    @costakisc I understand your doubts but if we talk about pre-donations then the case that developers wouldn't get paid is not possible. The decision about features would be taken before, dev ideas+users'+deadline->pre-donations->start development->Great plugins and upgrades! :)

    Find users? Dedicated group for predonations and ideas (I would subscribe to it and receive news other than posting hopefully-interesting-ideas as user).

    Let's not focus on possible problems only but on solutions! :)


  • MIchele: You've answered the 'question'.. ;-) My suggestion - sometime.. We gotta stop talking and just 'do it'. Why don't you setup a dedicated website/section/group @ your hosting site using an Elgg group just for this purpose ? and those people who are interested in pre-donated kickstarter elgg plugin & theme projects can go there and your ideas can start rolling onwards & forwards.

  • Mmmm Dhrup, I got your point now but don't think it would work. This is a developers<->Elgg-based-sites' Webmasters issue. I'm sure that my users would barely understand a word about plugins, features etc..

    Look, I just ran into this by chance because added Jeroen Dalsem to my Elgg's friends: http://www.indiegogo.com/elgg-customstyle

    Which is almost exactly what I had in mind!

    But, my point is:

    Why some of the, imho, very, very best, top, super elgg developers should go and use another platform to pre-fund projects/ideas for Elgg improvements? This, imho, will dramatically decrease the chances to reach results because we, elgg "users" (webmasters) use elgg community. In this case, I do not use that plugin so I'm not interested in pre-funding an upgrade as I would do for others but, even if I needed it...I should register on, read about, get informations and trust another platform...isn't this a waste of time and possibly resources for developers?


    PS if any of you guys is interested in that plugin's upgrade pre-donate! :)

    PPS I'm not Jeroen (I wish to be able to code like him), I swear! :)

  • ' Let's not focus on possible problems only but on solutions! :) ' -- Michele.

    ' the biggest part of the problem is not the funding, but getting the users together '-- Kostakisc.

    ' setup a dedicated website/section/group.. using an Elgg group just for this purpose ' Dhrup.

    You do not need a piece of software for people to talk to each other, collect $$, find a Developer & ask them to have some PlugIns, Themes coded. You only need (a) People (b) Some money (c) Some Developers (d) and 'no fighting'.. If you get such a situation started and moving, I will give you my support.

  • My recap:

    Michele (still) agrees with himself :)

    Kostakisc: Elgg community has a lot of members already :)

    Dhrup: thank you for starting developing! :D


  • i agree with you Michele and Dhrup, if i could code i would.  I am stuck at this point of my learning experience upgrading plugins, spending more time on google the coding.....I would love to help kickstart some upgrades and new plugins.  Would do it for customstyle, but already upgraded that to my liking.  So lets go somebody please set it up so us users who do expert help and nice plugins can get together and give some money to you great elgg devs........

  • At this point I think it would be enought if there was a group on the community where kickstarter projects could be listed. It's not a problem to use indiegogo or some other platform, at least at the beginning, to test this idea. This is the question to people running Elgg Fundation - Evan and Brett - wether they accept the idea and wether they could create such group. If they do, this will work. If they don't, forget about this idea.


    btw. Michele, amount that ColdTrick gave for upgrade is rather steep, it would be cheaper to write such plugin from the beginning. I think that the actuall amounts in kickstarter projects for Elgg would have to be rather 5 times lower.

  • Mike, I agree with you, it's Elgg decision now and I don't really want to "push" anybody. Enough comments from me I guess...starting bothering somebody here :)

    As for plugins and/or upgrades pricing I think that it is a critical variable to success as in any market (I'm a marketing and sales manager in a small company therefore struggling with the issue almost everyday :( ) but of course only you developers know how much effort each code requires and only you can give a price to that effort/time. Then users make their decisions or maybe only comments to give further details to devs.


  • It's a good Idea if you think it like a collaborative way between developers and people interested in some good plugins.

  • Thanks @lord55 that is the objective of my proposal :)