Elgg Developers Vs. Users? What about filling the gap with Pre-donations?

Hello everybody.

Maybe my idea is not so great, maybe I'm bothering somebody here by posting this discussion but I definitely think it's better to share this.

Lately I've started upgrading my network from Elgg 1.7 to Elgg 1.8 and noticed that many plugins I am using are not being updated by their developers and I guess why.

All developers are doing a great volunteer job here and I'm very grateful to all of them for allowing me to use their programming knowledges to bring my project (my firend's and mine, actually) to the world.

On the other side there's us, the users, with very little money to invest, "leeching" from where possible and, I'm sure of this, feeling a bit "guilty" because not able to do much more than saying "thank you".

What happens when in need of plugins upgrades?

I guess developers are tired and/or frustrated of working so much with (maybe) small or no return as donations, therefore not really willing to upgrade their plugins.

And, users are sad and/or frustrated not to be able to give their community members better and/or newer features. Of course all of us (website's managers) could pay for all plugins upgrades but I am sure very few of us can, considering their personal wallets.

So, what's a possible solution?

I thought about it and came out with an idea (don't laugh at me please, I'm a tenderhearted guy :-D): Pre-donations!

What if 20 users in real need of some plugins' upgrade would say, for example, to be ready to pay 25 USD each to have plugin X upgraded? That would be a 500 USD pre-donation base for developers to start working more relaxed and with a good cup of coffee - italian espresso of course ;-) - on the desktop.

That's all...what do you think?

Cheers from Italy


  • Good idea. Sort of crowd-sourcing I believe.

    It is indeed bummer that a lot of fine plugins disappear with the new elgg versions. You expect things to get better in time, not worse! It is a sign that elgg economy is not running very well.

    A lot of people seem to be using Elgg and I am sure at least some are making money. Somehow, looks like, many are not prepared to pay for something "which has always been free". Discontinuation of some fine plugins is a reminder that this does not work.

    Now some plugin developers make their stuff available at charge (mostly very low prices) at their own web sites but you learn this only when you inquire and also many buyers do not feel comfortable with these small web shops.

    What we need is  ELGG MARKET. That is; hosted on elgg.org, let people list their stuff free or PAID on that market. Also I believe a percentage of any plugin/theme sales must go to core developers!


  • This is the Kickstarter approach to funding, which I fully suggest if people want to use this sort of funding. The community site should be a free resource for Elgg developers and users, so I don't want to start involving commercialism here. What we could possibly do is have a way for devs to collaborate on and list their Kickstarter projects here...

  • Agree...and contribute a bit to the core developers' coffee breaks :-)

  • sorry Brett, my prev message was to isogunci.

    I understand your point and feel happy that there's already such a nice place to go to (kickstarter).

    Of course my only aim is to find a way to pre-pay, by crowdfunding, developers for very much needed plugins... hope my english is good enough to make this clear :-)

  • Kickstarter for plugin development would be cool if there's enough interest.

  • As a non-developer I would definitely support that, with donations to both keeping plugins current and developing new ones.

  • Brett, I think you should probably set some ground rules for such kickstarter projects and maybe create a group for such plugin ideas. Allowing all types of kickstarter projects, without rules, may not be in line with non-commercialism approach.

    I think this idea might push new life to Elgg and bring back a lot of developers to create for the community.

  • In fact, this could possibly also work for funding improvements for the community itself. I could co-fund a few improvements myself ;)

  • As a non developer I am also agree for this kind of project....and ready to donate for some most required plugins..

  • Good idea. Better than "donate" plugin, I think. But crowdfunding is a bit complex. Maybe a group or site with "elgg sponsored projects" or something like that.