Removing Username from elgg1.8

hi people i want to remove username from elgg1.8 as elgg uses only in register form and in elgg user can login without username with the help of Email and Password.

So i want to write a plugin which will remove username from elgg

Please PUSH in right direction.

Thanks in advance.

  • users_entity.username cannot be removed without a lot lot of trouble and code work.. forget it !


  • can we disable this username from elgg1.8

  • or can we remove Display Name from elgg


    we can change the funtionality of username so that user can change there username in the account setting

  • I agree that username is a bit overhead there. With so many services and web sites around, who wants to have and remember so many usernames? I wish it was only an additional field on the profile (for nickname purposes), rather than on the registration form.

    If the elgg code depends on the presence of username, then can your plugin maybe make it invisible and populate it in the background with a generated text (say a function of email address)?

    Also, currently on the registration form, password is asked twice for confirmation. Does it not make sense instead to make user enter email address twice? If user enters password wrong during the registration, s/he can always retreive it via email address. Also people are more likely to forget their passwords than email addresses. Thus email address on registration form is more important and better be confirmed twice?


  • The username is integral to a number of things, including generating URLs.  You cannot remove usernames from the system - you could potentially remove display names (which are the nicknames mentioned).  You can auto-generate a username that the user doesn't have to remember, since they can log in via email, but that username still has to exist and be unique.  Finally, the username shouldn't be changeable as it's used in urls such as the users blog listing.  Changing the username will change the url and break any links/bookmarks to that page.