How to "jail" the user in only one group?

Hi, thanks for reading.

I want to know if it is possible to create a plugin to "jail" the users into a group. I want to create a community with 20 closed groups and all the users must be inside one of those groups. A user will never see the users that do not belong to his group.

Please, tell me what do I have to take care when creating this plugin? What plugin may I use to start changing?


  • Off the top of my head you'll need to, at minimum:

    Remove public and logged in access levels, enable groups access in personal tools

    Disable the members plugin

  • Really sorry for cross posting, but I didn't find much about this request and the replies where quite old and not really clear to me (I am quite noob on elgg).

    did you manage to create the plugin to jail a user in a groups? How?

    I would like to do something like:

    • every user when registering to the site chooses a group, which is closed;
    • in the navbar he should see the Activity, Blog, Pages, Photo, File and so on of his group and not the site wide one

    @Matt could please go a bit deeper in yor reply?

    Any help is very appreciated :-)


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