How to add Date Of Birth & country?

Dear friends,

I am using elgg 1.8.8 with cool theme, I'm thinking date of birth and country drop down option should be in the core. 

I am struggling to add date of birth in profile so users can edit that as well and become a part of profile.

I am using profile manager plugin as well but can't see these things in there :(


Please help me experts.

Many thanks in advance,



  • I posted this question 15 days ago and waiting for help, without date of birth and location social website is useless,

    I think elgg should keep these common options in the core specially date of birth and location etc.

    Please experts help me and this will be useful for everyone!

    Many thanks in advance


  • Look for profile manager. You can add new fields to the profile and define a type and mask for each field. It´s almost a "core" plugin, since the developer works hard in the community.

  • Ray J Thank you so much for the reply, I have profile manager but I don't know how I can make birthday field and country field .

    Please could you guide me?

    Many thanks in advance

  • 27 days passed, I have not sorted yet :(

    Please help me, how I can add age & country by using Profie Manager plugin?

    I did make location field in Profile Manager but it does not show dropdown countries list :(

    I think date of birth & select country 100% should be in the core as these r the very basic need for everyone to have them in a social networking site.

    Look forward to your help :)

    Kindest Regards

  • there is a pretty good article of the birthdate here

    might have some ideas to get you started or point you in the right direction

  • @Steve Aquila  thanks for your reply, I went through that link, to be honest that did not work for me and I did not understand anything at all. I do have profile manager but how I can make the date of birth option by using Profile Manager. I am wishing and hoping this option must be in the core in the next release or should be at least an easy way to add manually.

    I think I would have a social networking site without date of birth :( 

    Hope experts would look into this matter and they would find a way to make it possible.


  • Go to


    Edit or add date of birth and set Name, Label, Hint, Field Type (Datapicker or calenadar) and Additional options:

    Show on register form:   If you want this field to be on the register form.
    Mandatory:   If you want this field to be mandatory (only applies to the register form).
    User can edit this field:   If set to 'No' users can't edit this field (handy when data is managed in an external system).
    Show on profile as tags:   Data output will be handle as tags (only applies on user profile).
    Field has a blank option:   Select 'Yes' if a blank option should be added to the field options
    Admin only field:   Select 'Yes' if field is only available for admins.
  • @Ve  WOW I really can not believe it was that easy.

    I thought I would never get it done, but I just did it in 1 minute. 

    Thank you so much, so nice of you bro.

    Stay blessed!

  • @Ve and other experts, Date of Birth worked fine and I have added but how about country?

    I made only Country option via Profile Manager plugin but there users have to write the country or city name.. Is there any way to add a dropdown list of all countries so users can select the country instead of typing the country name. Sometimes users write Amarica instead of America then it will cause problems in search because search won't pick America if someone made mistake in the country name spelling.

    Please help & guide.

    Many thanks