Bookmark features?

Hi All,

Whilst going through some trimming of my elgg community bookmarks, I noticed two things that would be immense if they are possible or if elgg could look at introducing in the next version.

When you load your saved bookmarks, you may well have a large list and this will especially be the case once our elgg based sites start getting 100's - 1000's of registered users, more content to bookmark etc.

Anyway, in the bookmark list, you currently have to go to each saved bookmark, it then loads the bookmark in a page with "Visit Resource" etc and from there you can either "Edit" or "Delete".

However when you delete, it takes you back to the communities bookmarks and not your own, so it's an extra user click or two than it need be possibly?

Also in the long list of our personal bookmarks, would it be possible to have a "X" button to the far right of each individual listed bookmark, just like we have in our private message system list?

Again I just think the above would help the usability / amount of clicks and anything that cuts this down for end users, brings better benefits to all concerned including site admins and the end user.

Just some thoughts people, as I noticed it for the first time this morning. :)