Developer Center

Welcome to the developer center. If you are interested in developing on the Elgg engine, then this page will point you to all the resources you might need.

As always, if you like what you see with Elgg then please consider getting involved in its development.

Developer Center

  • Documentation

    Find detailed information about Elgg's architecture, approach and features.

  • API Reference

    This is a handy resource to search and find out what functions exist within Elgg.

  • Source Code

    Elgg is an open source framework hosted and developed on Github.

  • Bug Tracker

    This is Elgg's bug tracker, if you find bugs or have patches for existing bugs then head on over and get involved.

  • Feedback & Planning

    Discussions about the past, present, and future of Elgg.

Elgg on Github

You can follow the latest work in progress or contribute via GitHub.

Elgg on Github

Supporter Scheme

Are you an individual or organization who uses and likes Elgg? Consider becoming an official supporter of the Elgg project. With only $50 per year for individuals or $150 per year for organizations, you can help the Elgg project. Learn more >>


If you are looking for somewhere to host your Elgg powered network, we are putting together a list of providers who have added Elgg hosting to their services.

A2 Hosting

Arckcloud Hosting

Arvixe Hosting