Elgg Bug Reports and Feature Requests

  • I don't know if I'm tired, or just missing something, but I can't see where, on the tracking site, I'm supposed to Register to get a password to submit a bug report.

    I tried to search to see if there's an existing ticket and didn't find one. I would like to submit one. How do I register for the additional password? It doesn't include that crucial first step in the instructions (the elgg team might want to add it).


    My elgg site (v1.8.11) has been running smoothly for over a month, with users signing up and submitting about half a dozen blogs a day. In the last blog entry the blogger put a URL in the title. This isn't permitted. If I open the blog as Admin, it looks blank. If I try to delete it from inside or outside the blog I get fatal error:

    QUERY: INSERT DELAYED into elgg_system_log
    (object_id, object_class, object_type, object_subtype, event,
    performed_by_guid, owner_guid, access_id, enabled, time_created, ip_address)
    ('1600','ElggBlog','object', 'blog', 'delete',
    35, 1536, 2, 'yes', '1358741040', '')  (plus more that I won't post here).

    So, I am unable to edit or delete the offending blog. The same error occurs each time (it's replicable). I'm assuming it may have something to do with the URL in the title since I haven't encountered this problem previously, but don't know for sure.

  • I believe registration for trac has been disabled due to spam.  Until something can be worked out email the username and password you want to Brett (brett@elgg.org) and he should be able to set you up.

    In the meantime, it's not a bug unless it's replicable on a clean installation - make sure it's not a problem with any third party plugins first.

    The query you posted doesn't help to identify anything, it's simply the system log insert.  Check your php error log for a fatal error.

  • I don't know what caused the problem, my users post a lot of links and images and they often add them to tags and titles as well, but it apparently caused corruption in the MySQL database that I was able to fix with the Repair function. I don't know whether it was an elgg or MySQL problem. It's possible elgg wrote something into MySQL that the database couldn't understand (control characters perhaps?).

    Nevertheless, it would be helpful to post how we can register for the trac system in case elgg-specific bugs need to be reported. Thank you.

  • Ah, thanks for the email for Brett. I should have refreshed this page and read your message before posting again (I thought I had).