• Well have a way to put either the Facebook Widgets of Facebook Connect, Comment and also the Social or Live STREAM into the Front Index Page of Elgg if you use a basic Theme...

    I have it on mine also how to add a PHP RSS Feed simple Script so you will have Constant Updated SEO Content and also show the Latest World NEWS Headlines the same time or any RSS Feed you find! Great for SEO since it will be found by the Search Engines!!!

    Ok First is FACEBOOK my site has it working and it also goes to my Facebook WALL !!! Everyone will read what I and you say!!!


    How to ADD Any type of Facebook Widgets; Comments; Sign-In to also post to their Wall:

    Go into the Original Folder / Plugin that is in the Mod Directory:


    Goto: mod/custom_index/views/default/canvas/layouts/new_index.php

    Find and Edit this file: new_index.php

    Once inside look for: <!-- display latest groups -->

    Now look for the ?> and right above the </div> you Paste the Facebook Code what ever type of widget it is right there. That is all you do!

    You can put this CODE and experiment ALMOST anywhere in that Index Page just test it out.

    Next is the CODE for the SEO RSS FEED Yahoo News Headlines also on my front page:

    $a = file_get_contents("http://www.originotions.com/parser4.php?rssstream=http://WhatEVERRSSFEED.COM/RSSLINKHERE&formmaxitems=5&formwidth=300&formheadercolor=000000&formborder=1&formbordercolor=black&formpadding=1&formbgcolor=white&formdate=black&formarticle=black&formlinkcolor=black&formsourcecolor=white&formfont=arial");
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="php">echo ($a);</SCRIPT>

    Now you put that code simular to the FACEBOOK code in the same file but you need to experiment with it on where you want it at. You can Adjust the settings of How many RSS Stories you on to show up on your and also colors and other stuff. I just leave it simple. If you want more help goto my site / sign up and send me a message!




    my name on there is rapichat