- Site developed in Russian (Elgg 1.5)

This is the sample of working site in Russian language based on last modified Community Theme and Elgg 1.5 RC1

  • Сайт мой. Убирается очень просто и не только в блогах.

    Находим функцию в плагинах в файле start.php, где описывается URL. В блогах в файле blog/start.php. Комментим старую строку, где $title, и ниже пишем новую. Пример ниже:

    function blog_url($blogpost) {

    global $CONFIG;

    $title = $blogpost->title;

    $title = friendly_title($title);

    // return $CONFIG->url . "pg/blog/" . $blogpost->getOwnerEntity()->username . "/read/" . $blogpost->getGUID() . "/" . $title;

    return $CONFIG->url . "pg/blog/" . $blogpost->getOwnerEntity()->username . "/read/" . $blogpost->getGUID() . "/" . date("d.m.Y",$blogpost->time_created) . "/";



  • I will explain here in English because I'm receiving too much the same private messages.

    Basic idea of the design I found in last community theme (as you remember in last version of Elgg community), but I made full re-design and wrote own theme.

    About color tags I will explain later in the forums of the community. I wrote some new styles and wrote some codes for tags.

    This site launched earlier using 1.2 version, but I upgraded it to 1.5 and made some changes in the theme. Main problem for me after upgrading was caching.  But it seems step by step I checked it.