Form and related plugins for Elgg 1.5 and higher (0.8.4 beta)

Note: this zip file contains four separate but related plugins for Elgg 1.5 or higher. These must be installed individually by moving each plugin directory into mod. Do not simply install the unzipped directory under mod. Make sure that these plugins are ordered after the profile, groups, and file plugins.

This is a minor bug fix release. The changes for this release are described in the CHANGES.txt file in the form subdirectory.

Questions and bug reports are welcome and can be posted here:

The form plugin allows site admins to use a web interface to create forms that they and ordinary users can use to create content. So you can add restaurant reviews, Youtube favourites, etc. to your site through a web interface without any coding required. You can also create advanced search forms for this content. The form field types can include selects, radio buttons, etc.

The flexprofile, flexgroupprofile and flexfile plugins (also included in this zip file) make it possible to use some of these features for user profiles, group profiles and file upload forms and views.

Forms can be split into multiple tabs. You can make some fields required. There is a translation function so that you can make the same forms available in multiple languages. There is a simple templating system editable through the web so that you can describe how the user content should actually be displayed. Content can be commented on or recommended (like Digg) by other users. Users can edit or delete content they have created.

For more information see the README.txt files in each plugin folder.

There are also small plugins called flexprofile and flexgroupprofile (in the same zip file) that make it possible to use some of these features for user and group profiles, so you can manage your profile questions using a web interface. You can specify where this profile information is displayed on the profile page and choose from three different profile formats, including a tabbed format. You can specify different profile questions for different group categories.

Please read the README.txt files in the flexprofile and flexgroupprofile directories carefully before using these plugins.

Finally, there is an even smaller plugin called flexfile that lets you add new form fields to the file upload form and file views.

As these plugins are currently beta code, I do not advise you to use them on a production website yet, at least not without thorough testing first.

Bug reports and suggestions for new features are welcome. You can post a thread using the link above or send them to me through the contact form linked on my Elgg community profile page or the email address contained in the README.txt files.

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