The Elgg Community: Tidypics Photo Gallery Plugin

The newest version of the Tidypics Photo Gallery. This is a beta. Hopefully the last beta version!

1.6.0 changes

  • photo tagging
  • photo rating integration with additional plugin
  • view counter
  • better uploading code
  • ImageMagick support
  • Expanded admin configuration
  • Improved CSS
  • More extensible (plugins can extend and modify the controls like tagging shown under an image)
  • EXIF data
  • Better Album RSS feed
  • Better almost everything 

What is not included

  • flash uploader
  • lightbox/slideshow
  • watermarking
  • photo cropping

Known issues

  • language files aren't finished - volunteers needed for Italien, French, and to finish Spanish (as examples)
  • stats page isn't finished

Changes in Beta 4

  • Fixed bug creating metadata with the wrong type "string"

Our tracker list is here: (requires a gmail account to add something)


********TO UPGRADE************

  1. ftp code to server (either overwrite old code or move old code and ftp fresh copy)
  2. go to Elgg administration and clear view cache by changing order of a plugin or turning plugin off and then on
  3. go to Tidypics Administration (new option on sidebar of admin page)
  4. On the settings tab, you should see a link called upgrade. Click Upgrade
  5. Set your settings and press save - you need to press save even if you do not change any settings

New Install

  1.  FTP code
  2. enable plugin
  3. go to Tidypics Administration page
  4. save your settings


Server Analysis - new feature off settings page. Some documentation in docs directory

Please do not request new features here. Do that in the Tidypics Elgg group or on the google code tracker.

Please do post bug reports here. Include what browser you are using, whether the problem is repeatable, and what are the steps to repeat the problem.

And remember, run the upgrade link or all your images will seem to disappear!!!!!!!!


Georg Westphalen

a former physician specializing in creative concepts, outrageous comics, hilarious character designs and urban philosophy.