The Elgg Community: Embed Video


  1. Extremely easy to add videos to your front page
  2. Enables users to easily add videos to the profile pages (as many as they want)
  3. Supports youtube, vimeo, google video, metacafe, veoh, daily motion,, teacher tube
  4. Supports both url and embed code for most sites
  5. Allows admin to set video width to fit theme
  6. Works with activity plugin of Elgg 1.5 (river integration for 1.2 commented out)
  7. Lightweight plugin

Video Widget
Simple Example of Video on Front Page


Description: This plugin provides a widget for embedding video in a user profile or for an admin to embed a video on the front page. The videos must be flash videos from sites like youtube. The plugin will handle the video url or the <embed> code. More than one video can be added to a profile by adding the widget more than once. The user can add a title and a single comment about the video through the widget edit area.


Installation: Unzip and place in mod directory. Activate through Tools Administration. There is an admin setting for video width that can be changed after activation. Just reload the Tools Administration and click "more info". This allows Elgg sites with custom themes to adjust the widget to fit their theme.
To upgrade, just copy the files over the old ones.

Usage: As currently configured, this plugin enables users to add videos to their profiles. The user needs to add the video widget to the profile page, edit the widget and then paste the url or embed code into the video url textbox. Teacher Tube and only accept embed codes and not the page url.

Administrators can use this to easily add a video to their Elgg front page. Set the video url and width in the Tool Administration settings. Then insert the function embedvideo_frontpage() in your front page plugin. It might look something like $content .= embedvideo_frontpage();


Requirements:Tested with 1.2 and 1.5

Video Sites Supported: youtube, google, vimeo, metacafe, veoh, daily motion,, teacher tube


version 0.8
- added support for and teacher tube (embed code only)
- updated vimeo and veoh parsing for new url structures
- added support for the new activity plugin for Elgg 1.5

version 0.7
- added support for veoh and daily motion
- moved style information into css to make it easier for admins to add theme information
- added support for front page video
- fixed a bug with removing an empty widget

version 0.6
- added support for vimeo and metacafe
- added title field
- added river support


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a former physician specializing in creative concepts, outrageous comics, hilarious character designs and urban philosophy.