The Elgg Community: autodash

This mod gives ability to the riverdashboard, allowing it to auto update itself.

It is set to refresh every 30 seconds. Changing the refresh time can easily be changed by editing the refresh.js file and changing the value for the timed count function. *note* time is measured in milliseconds.

It will refresh consistently even with the dashboard navigational features, allowing the user to sort through the dashboard options.

I am releasing this as RC 2.1 and hope this is close to final as far as the dashboard behavior is concerned. The buttons on the previous versions are gone, and this mod does not create any changes to the look of the dash.

@todo create dynamic wire posting
@todo create administration tool settings for refresh rate input

Installation: Extract into your mod directory and enable in Administration tool panel.

(update) I change how the javascript gets its url information. I am hoping this will create stability for wire posts and fix redirect problems.

Georg Westphalen

a former physician specializing in creative concepts, outrageous comics, hilarious character designs and urban philosophy.