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This tutorial demonstrates a simple method of making elgg more dynamic through the use of Jquery, AHAH and the UI Tabs.

Today’s social internet is all about accessibility of data, and this method serves that end like a charm. No page loads and all the data at your fingertips, Nice!

If you want to see it working in action before you delve into my poorly written tutorial then you can check it out first at budokin.com.

Aside from improving accessibility, this method of dynamicly loading of entities also eradicates a couple of small irritations I found in the elgg system. One is to do with multiple paginations on the same page effecting each other because they are governed by the ?offset url variable.

It also increases page load speed because entities are only loaded once the dom fires - not a big deal with memcahed enabled but still…

Without further ado, here is the methodology...

Georg Westphalen

a former physician specializing in creative concepts, outrageous comics, hilarious character designs and urban philosophy.