The Elgg Community: Kaltura plugin 0.9.5


This plugin for Elgg allows you:
Create videos very easy from various sources using the contribution wizard application provided in the Kaltura API.
The sources can be:

  • Your webcam
  • Uploaded videos, audio, photos.
  • Easily import all rich media (video, audio, pictures...) from other sites and social networks, such as YouTube, MySpace, Flickr, CCMixter, Jamendo, New York Public Library, any URL on the web, etc.
  • Edit your videos online with a nice advanced editor provided also by the Kaltura API.
  • Edit the details of your videos: title, description, tags.
  • Define the level of privacy to share your videos: private, public, registered users or your friends.
  • Comment, rate you videos by any user allowed by the level of privacy.
  • View the code details of your generated video to allow put it on other places.
  • Make a collaborative videos in groups. In a group environment you can start a video, put the level of privacy to allow editing by others users of the group and le the other change you  initial video.
  • Integrated tinyMCE features: you can choose in "tools administration" if you want to allow this. If it is allowed (by default) then the users can put videos in any textarea form, containing tinyMCE or not (this show a button witch open the video gallery or editor).
  • Widget: This plugin has also a widget to allow you show the last video in the dashboard. The video shown to the visitor depends of its level of privacy, EX: if him is your friend, then can view your last video make for friends, public or registered users.
  • RSS functionality: in the Elgg way, you can subscribe to feeds in any page related with the plugin.

Georg Westphalen

a former physician specializing in creative concepts, outrageous comics, hilarious character designs and urban philosophy.