The Elgg Community: get_multimedia

The Elgg 1.x get_multimedia plugin gets video clips from a variety of sources, transcodes them to the Flash video (flv) format, displays them on a video wall and allows your site visitors to recommend them, comment on them, send them to friends, and report problems.
Site administrators can edit the title and tags associated with a video, delete them, and set their priority status. Priority videos are more likely to be displayed on the video wall, giving admins the ability to promote higher quality videos.
get_multimedia depends upon ffmpeg ( to transcode the videos to Flash format and the Imagemagick convert utility ( to produce video thumbnails.

Compiling ffmpeg to properly support mobile phone or other video and audio formats is a complex subject and will not be dealt with here. You may need to get support from ffmpeg sites (not Elgg sites) to do this.

Videos can be uploaded using a web form or extracted from attachments to email messages sent to an mbox format email box.

Note that the get_email.php routine currently supports only mbox email box formats. Other formats are not currently supported.

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