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This elgg ecommerce plugin allows us to integrate ecommerce functionality to our elgg sites.

Feature List
*Members Can Sell Products
*Members can Buy Products
*Members can Refer Products
*Users can Rate purchased Items
*Can add Products to Wishlist
*Users can Create/Manage store and Products
*Payment via Paypal
are some of the main features.

  • how can i download this plugin

  • @Don G: This plugin is no longer available here for download as the developer has been banned from the community site. Also, you need to keep in mind that the bookmark here is already very old. The "Socialcommerce" plugin might still be available elsewhere - surely not for free - but I don't know if there's a version that works on Elgg 1.8.

    You might want to start looking for alternatives to the "Socialcommerce" plugin, too. I don't know what ecommerce / shop plugins are available. Though you might need to spend some money regardless which plugin you intend to use. Maybe it helps to open a discussion topic to ask people what plugins are available.

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