The Elgg Community: Skills Review widget

A simple and customisable widget that offers the owner a simple review of a range of skills.

Each skill can be judged on a 'traffic-light' scale of red/amber/green 

(green if happy with that skill, amber if there are some weaknesses, red if it needs addressing )

**The list of skills is now fully customisable in either Tool Administration (to set them for all users) or individually in each user's Settings (you can make this choice in Tool Administration)**

Any number of skills can be used (it's been tested with a very large number!) and they can also be grouped together in sections that are collapsible* (you can also nest sections within other sections). This allows for a longer list to be used in a more organised way (see screenshot below). The average section level is automatically calculated. However, a simple list is still also possible (see screenshot below).

In addition, you can also set it to show the last level that was chosen for each skill (this feature can be turned on or off by the user).

We find this technique extremely useful with the students in our school who find this widget quick and easy to use. It replaces the many review sheets we used to use (and the students used to lose!).

New in version 4.0

  • editing of the skills list by admins and users themselves (in either Tool Administration or Settings)
  • average level of a section now calculates correctly, even in multiple nested sections
  • optional introduction line to appear above the list of skills

Georg Westphalen

a former physician specializing in creative concepts, outrageous comics, hilarious character designs and urban philosophy.