The Elgg Community: Mainpage widgets

Supported widgets:

  1. Latest groups
  2. Latest polls - from poll plugin
  3. Featured groups - displays featured groups
  4. Newest members
  5. Latest files
  6. Quote of the day
  7. Latest blog posts
  8. Latest bookmarks
  9. Latest pages
  10. Latest activity - displays public activity from the riverdashboard
  11. Simplepie - a simple feed reader
  12. Latest images - displays images from tidypics
  13. HTML widget - allows you to place any HTML on the main page
  14. Search box - puts the search box on the main page
  15. Izap videos - videos from Izap plugin
  16. Latest groups (icons)

In full version only:

  1. Latest discussions
  2. Latest events - events from event calendar
  3. Members - AJAX style:

Georg Westphalen

a former physician specializing in creative concepts, outrageous comics, hilarious character designs and urban philosophy.