A different currency system


No tech stuff this time :-) But nevertheless I am interested in what you think about my idea. I wrote the article some months ago, but it seams to get more attention the last couple of days. Maybe it gains traction. 


The United States policy for over decades is to print more money to sustain their politically motivated projects, which are different per president. Some of them finance wars with it, some slash taxes and others use it to build a wellfare system.

In all those cases, not enough money was available and the US goverment expands the monetary system and loans the money on Wallstreet. The bad thing is that it creates inflation, which basically is stealing a little bit from everyone (without telling) but we are used to it so we do not complain much.


  • @Matt, I see your point. I you are discussing this with the team, please consider this. If you want this community to be focussed on the support of elgg. Change the policy and make sure nothing else is discussed.

    If you want this community to be connected, allow different subjects to be discussed too. And if you decide on the second, make it technology possible for users to spin-off discussions to the right group or community.

    If you all decide for the second option, you will probably do all of our community members a favour and get us new users who are interested in the topics we like to discuss.

    Good luck with that discussion. It should be clear that I hope you will facilitate the second option :-)

  • I read through the posts and my right brain curiosity could not shut up. I think the money that most countries use were created by human - we just made this thing up for example nation is a new word that was just made up and many more that most of you know.

    Even though money is the most common tool to buy and sell, it is not a true measure of wealth. One day you can have one billion dollars in your bank and monthly statement copies as a proof to show others that you are rich and the next morning you will be as broke a church mouse - why? Depression or Great Financial Depression in U.S.A

    So, i can say true wealth is stored in commodities or assets like rental houses, land, oil wheals, clean water springs or Large clean water reservoirs ( like the once former U.S president Bush junior’s family own in south American) and many more items or commodities that normally take time to be converted to cash.

  • wealth is in the heart that connects you to all that is and the spirit that manifests worlds.

  • @Tom, you describe money as what it is. A trading thing. Land, oil, and any other asset can be measured in this trading thing. My only suggestion is to define this thing into another thing that better describes a true value underneath. Money in it's current form has no real value, besides the trust people give to it. Why not trade it to something with actual value ?

  • For the record, I've heard back from a number of other core team members and so far everyone is in agreement with my previously stated views - this site is a resource for elgg users to ask elgg-related questions.  Political discussions etc don't belong here.  There are plenty of other forums on the internet where you can discuss this, even ones you own yourselves.  Content posted to this site needs to be related to Elgg and from this point forth completely off-topic content may be removed.

    The terms of the community have been updated to reflect this.

  • I agree with most of RvR and Matt Beckett's opinions. However, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" - Wikipedia. Work-life balance calls for some time to relax and spend some quality time with what you love and likes most. According to RvR, his dream and others might come true by coming up with more and  new terms or rules. On the other hand, most of the members  dreams might not come true. On my own opinion, for any community to grow to its full potential, others point of view should be taken into account of the need for more tools to make it easier to help others at the same time share with other members topics which might be relevant to other members interest. We all love the community and always hope to see her grow. -- comment posted from cellphone.

  • that's it.. tom should be banned.. i will not stand for rule breaking.

  • that was a joke.. but maybe i will be banned now since jokes are not elgg related.

  • I agree with matt. At first I thought it was related to the "Elgg Pay" plugin (Payment integration extension).

    May be we can have an "Off Topic" group, that you have to apply to be part of and the activity of such group will appear on your activity only if you are part of such group.

    Of course, with some ground rules, explicit ground rules and you must have at least 50 post on the elgg community, 6 months old membership, before you become eligible to apply for that group, you know to keep any spammer out.


  • At the risk of getting banned too. LOL

  • the community here already has community powered anti-spamming buttons.. so i don't see that an off-topic group would need a particular 'door policy'.

    the only missing requirement to make that work is a way to filter the river by groups.. or even just exclude that group from the river if adding a dropdown / set of radio boxes is too challenging.

  • I guess it's like that annoying store, that has a bench in the front of it.  When you sit on it for a bit to rest your feet, someone comes rushing out and yells at you for sitting on it, as it's private property.  They are afraid to give up anything, even space (digital spaces too), or protect their property's perceived value. Well then what the hell is the bench for! Maybe I was going to come inside to shop after I rested my feet!