A different currency system


No tech stuff this time :-) But nevertheless I am interested in what you think about my idea. I wrote the article some months ago, but it seams to get more attention the last couple of days. Maybe it gains traction. 


The United States policy for over decades is to print more money to sustain their politically motivated projects, which are different per president. Some of them finance wars with it, some slash taxes and others use it to build a wellfare system.

In all those cases, not enough money was available and the US goverment expands the monetary system and loans the money on Wallstreet. The bad thing is that it creates inflation, which basically is stealing a little bit from everyone (without telling) but we are used to it so we do not complain much.


  • https://www.infiniteeureka.com/katalists/view/3905/all-money-is-a-false-promise-debt-is-void-and-invalid


    money is symolic of the imbalance tht exists within us, the planet and the entire cosmos. the resut of money is always varying degrees of slavery. even if non-interest bearing money is created again and fully used - the outcome will always be the same to some extent. what is needed is true trust and agreement and deep realisation that what is valuable is you.

    to replace this inate truth with a symbol, no matter how much of an improvement over the previous system this replacement is, will always result in a less than optimal and less than completely truthful energetic equation where you are effectively trading your own soul and this too is slavery. why do you think the words 'sold' and 'souled' are phonetically the same?

    as far as i am aware, the USA CORPORATION and UK PLC have been trading the employees (citizens) for a long while - they are slave traders. the presidents of the USA CORPORATION have a long 'HIS STORY' of selling the soul of the planet, beings and anything else as a way of backing the money that they then horde and use it to finance unloving actions. any form of money is open to this same abuse and backing money with 'energy' is really no different in the basic makeup of it's energetic equationing.

  • Hi Gerard,

    I read it with much interest and while I agree on many points and on the dream...I don't think that will be any easy to become true.

    1 - "Let's hope we choose energy resources that do not pollute the earth to much" ... Hope never helps in this capitalistic world (unfortunately)

    2 - The good (for banks and govs) about money is that THEY can control the system, energy cannot be controlled anymore since potentially everybody, even indivisuals can easily produce nowadays

    What do you think?


  • 1) I think there is a good incentive that we will use energy resources that do not pollute the earth because individuals have not much options to create new energy besides the things that are available to everyone (water, wind and the sun).

    There is however still the possibility that i the creation or consumption of this energy side effects will occur (like heating up the atmosphere) and that can be seen as pollution.

    2) The second one is hard for me to predict. Banks and governments have tremendous interests to protect, but especially for governments there is also huge potential and decrease of dependancy of natural resources and instable corrupt countries that usually have the most of it in the ground.

    I guess that if the idea catches on, both will do their utmost best to gain from it. That will lead to a new power balance. But I am sure the people of the world will gain more power then currently and that is progress. Besides from the financial benefits.

  • @Ura, i read your article too. Interesting viewpoints there, but no alternative. What is your suggestion or what do you think of mine ?

  • 1- Exactly what I meant. The final result "not pollute too much" is quite hard to define. See Kyoto protocols...few results and major Countries signing (not always) and not keeping their goals consistent

    2- My impressions is that we, the westerns, use a good<>bad (credit<>debt) Countries model which is quite far from reality and simplistic. For example yesterday I learnt that such a great Country (in my opinion for few reasons but of course this would be long to explain here), Sweden, has one of the highest tax evasion rate in Europe....

    Anyways...the point is how/why we create debt and that central (how many of us know that central banks are mostly privately owned?) banks will never leave their money issue power.

    And believe me....who knows me tells me I am an optimistic and positive guy.... :)

  • there are many hours of videos on that page too, which will fill in many gaps of knowledge that most seasoned veterans of finance i am aware of have little clue about (or are in denial about).

    the soUlution is spiritual evolution and being heart centered and heart balanced. being the divine co-creator of reality that you are and choosing to be free and not cause further heartbreak, death, imbalance and slavery.

    our mental patterns, definitions and ways of being need to evolve - and the associated frozen emotions need to move and express to facilitate the changes. in short, our willingness to compromise, not share, to lie, cheat and overpower others has brought us to this place of near total death - we must no longer compromise. love does not compromise. love in place of denial is the destiny of those who will continue to live on this planet.

    we are infinite beings when balanced, and thus to provide a 'short recap' of infinity is not possible. ;)
    know self, know that the essence of material existence is sentience and not 'a thing' to be 'traded' and you will open the door to your own survival of what is to come.

    i recommend these books: www.rightuseofwill.com/books

  • @ura, allthough you might be right on most of that thought, I do not see how it involves trading. As a species we need to be able to trade things to survice or be fully independant (which is proven ineffective) and to accomodate that, we need a currency system. What is that in your view ?

    @Michelle, as far as I know, only the US federal reserve bank is privately owned. Other countries created national banks owned by the government.  And allthough I do not know you very well, I think you are a positive guy !


  • @Michelle, I read the pitch and would not recommend it. It might get you disillusioned because of the wide spread corruption that takes place and is described in that book.

    We (not you and me) need to create a system that leaves less and less possibility to misuse power and create corruption instead of seeing the current system failing and move our attention away from it.


  • Gerard, unfortunately you (as many of us of course) are very wrong....take a look at the ECB... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Central_Bank#Shareholders

    Even if you read national bakns among them....they are also private in most cases...and this should be quite scarying for all of us...

  • Agree on building a new system....my elgg site is about that basically ;)

    But to do that we must well know all the failures of our current system just like history should teach us what mistakes not to repeat, don't you agree?

  • PS Thanks for the "positive guy"...I still like it :)

  • The majority of the ECB stock is in hand of national banks, which are in hands of governments. But besides that policy making is done by politicians and not bankers. The FED is much more independant since it's owned by private banks.

  • I agree on assessing the failures, and try to prevent them. I really think that a currency system based on energy is a major step forward on acheiving that.

    If not, try to predict the flaws, that is really interesting.

  • Oh no Gerard, national banks in Europe are not owned by Governments....this is the most terrible thing they want us to believe, check each single one and you'll see very few are owned by govs.

    Here it is (in italian sorry) "our" bank's stakeholders (please note italian bank "owns" 14% of ECB!): http://www.bancaditalia.it/bancaditalia/funzgov/gov/partecipanti/Partecipanti.pdf

    See? This is THE point as for money emission power!

  • You might be right, I am not sure about it. But still is besides the point. Commercial banks have proven to be corruptable, so we should limit their powers. Not how it is done now, trying to regulate them. That has a negative effect on our global economy.

    My suggestion limits their power even more and reduces them to what they are here for anyway. Facilitate the distribution of a currency to where it is actual of any use. So debt are also in my suggested system part of the system. We need that to be able to distribute any form of attention to where it is needed.

  • the 'bank of england' is a privately owned entitiy and the identities of the shareholders are an 'official secret'. how's that for a conspiracy?

    as long as you seek to replace elements of a heartless, denial based system with 'slight improvements' that are similar but better to the wretched behemoth that has been created by ignorance, greed, deception and pure evil - you will fail.

    you need to locate the deepest causes for the symptoms to change.

  • "be fully independant (which is proven ineffective)"

    lol.. i advise you to reconsider that viewpoint.

    being fully independent is the solution. you will need to evolve your body and genetics. 'oh, but i was told that wasn't possible.. what about all that science that i was taught?' .. yes, more lies.

  • @Ura, I am sorry but I fully disagree. You are trying to locate symptoms and try to get rid of it. But it is human nature.

    The only way is to create a new system where it is impossible (or at least harder) to take advantage off.

    That is how it should be handled. I don't care of all inefficiency, corruption that is happening today, as long as I can remove it all by a new system. Like with spammers, instead of trying to educate them, make it impossible for them to do their dirty work. And you're fine.

  • most are addicted to money. until you FULLY COGNIZE the patterns of what addiction is, you will remain trapped in your self created 'best possible idea'.

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  • @Ura, in programming we so much agree, in opinion we seem to have quite opposite opininions.

    The more independant a country is, the poorer it is. North Korea is somewhere at the lowest point where it is independant (somewhat forced) and in comparison with their neighbour South Korea which is cultural similar so much worse of in all aspects of life.

    You are suggesting we should go back to being farmers or hunters, fully providing in our lives. That ship has sailed long, long ago. We need to do it together and therefore need a currency system that is beyond corruption.

  • @Matt, hmm. I was not aware that we are only alllowed to talk ellg stuff. There is so much more in life we could discuss. But if that is the community policy, I will off course follow that rule. I was enjoying this other kind of discussion very much.

  • i see both sides of the elgg community situation..
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    c) there is no policy of not talking about non-elgg stuff. only a policy of not advertising. i do not see gerard is advertising here.