IBM is the The Wolf of Wall Street

IBM has been one of our most appreciated accounts for decades, but during the years of depression they deteriorated their business ethics to a level no company should want to be at.

I was proud to work for IBM and have them as a customer, but now I am deeply ashamed.

They are leveraging their buying power to force suppliers to accept terms that are illegal. For one, they force suppliers to accept payment terms that are not accepted by law. Their respond to our question was, If you don't like it, don't do it. What in reality means, IBM is the law, not governments 

They also don't seem to care about the personnel working for them. Suppliers who subcontract personnel to IBM are always liable for injury. In practice this means that if IBM lets our personnel work on a floor where lethal gas is exposed and someone would die, they are not liable, but we are ?? That is not even strange, it is simply ridiculous.

And there are more and more rules they force suppliers to accept, in order for IBM to survive.

They even put a rule in where they can change anything in the contract whenever they like. They only have to inform the supplier. Which means that whenever they find another unlawfull idea, they only have to write it down and inform you about it. What the f....??

My next question to them was, how can a company like IBM can act so unethical ?  And you know what, the only response I got was that someone else should answer my question. I am still waiting for an answer.....

IBM is acting like "The Wolf of Wall Street" where illegal activity is making you more money then following the rules. Shame on you IBM!

And for all of you that are interested in what we did as a small and powerless company ? We said, we draw the line here. No more IBM !

  • "if IBM lets our personnel work on a floor where lethal gas is exposed"

  • i bet your glad you dont work there anymore! If they can get a way with something they will, a large company like that should be top notch for everything though it seems they dont care anymore must have boss's that dont care about the company anymore

  • Thanks guys for your concerns, it is really amazing that a company like IBM is acting so unethical. But I could have known this. Like Ura is pointing out what IBM did during world war II, but at the time I was working there this became news and they defended themselves by telling that at the company that delivered the machines to register jews for deportation was not IBM germany but an independant dealer. After the war they bought that company and it became IBM germany.

    What should have alarmed the bells, was a project I was asked to do in 2006, where IBM would deliver HPC (a P-series, the most powerfull machine on earth) to Iran. Iran is on a US blacklist for that, since they can use these machines for simulation of nuclear tests. When I asked about that, they said It was approved by IBM Headquarters in Paris and I should not worry. The trick they used was that the guy buying the machine was living in France.

    I was very upset and refused to work on the project. Months later I heard that the deal did not go through, which releaved me a bit.

  • I sure hope so Michelle ! But it is still frightening that IBM management is willing to deliver high performance computing power to a country that is trying to build a nuclear weapon, despite rules of the US government.

  • Oh, by the way. Please share the article. I really want as many people as possible to read it so maybe social pressure will finally change them. That is the only way ! IBM has more lawyers than technical people, so starting a law suite against them is really useless.