If anyone can think for a use of this, let me know


Me and Ura are expanding the import address book, but we face some challenges that providers like LinkedIn give us. I am able to display LinkedIn contact information, but not email addres (not allowed).

Anyone has a use for this, or require LinkedIn functionality. Let me know, I will check what LinkedIn allows us to do and if usefull, built it.

The URL is a demo, which show your LinkedIn contacts and photos. Nothing more yet.


  • i think for cases where you cannot extract the email addresses, the answer is to use the site's api to send an internal message to each of the contacts.. provided the api allows that function.

  • Yes, that might be an option. I'll check if that is allowed true tha API

  • Grrr, yes the API supports that, but my library (HybridAuth) does not. I will work try to incorporate that. https://developer.linkedin.com/documents/messaging-between-connections-api

  • ah ok. i just read through that page..

    i see:

    • The user must be presented with the exact body and subject of the message and have the opportunity to customize both the subject and the body. Pre-prepared messages are allowed only if the user has full control over what is ultimately posted on their behalf.

    so the plugin needs to now also support the subject field too.. (which is a good idea anyway) - at least for linkedin.

  • Could you work on that part ? I'll incorporate more authentication providers in the plugin. I am good at that. Google works also, facebook and others are also not a problem, I did it before. We need some nice toggled selections on the contacts, a send button with some predefined and editable message.

  • I will upload this linkedin example in github now.

  • when you say: 
    "nice toggled selections on the contacts"

    are you talking about a ui feature to highlight each of the contacts that switches between on/off - to replace the checkboxes? or something else?

  • I mean that the user can select those contact to send the personal message. Default all toggles off, but can enable all them all as well.

  • oh, so this is a total replacement for the open-inviter table interface - the one with the checkboxes and names?
    i will need to look at how the plugin functions currently with linkedin etc. then.

  • Yes, openinviter does not provide us with OAUTH and all providers are switching to that as you mentioned yourself. So I was experimenting with direct OUATH like the gmail page, but decided to use an existing library Hybridauth, which is also based on OAUTH. Trouble is, that I am still not have decided which one is best. To many providers to review :-(

    I hope you can work based on the presumption that I will get the authentication done and get contacts provided to the UI,

  • i noticed there is a core oauth plugin in elgg already - i don't know if that is any use to you or not.. maybe it is only for incoming connections into elgg.

    i think that initially we only need to recreate the format that open-inviter used of having the list of names and a checkbox for each one. the nice theming can come after - once we know more about what is needed.

  • OAUTH plugin has been abandoned. We cannot use that.

    About reusing open-inviter, I would like that. But how do I get OAUTH authentication into the plugins ?

  • oh, i wasn't really saying to use the open-inviter system... i was just saying to use their approach of laying out the list of contacts in a simple table.

    although we can certainly use some of the code. for now and for testing you could insert the oauth code into each of the relevant plugins, replacing the login function that appears towards the top of the plugin script. i don't know exactly what is needed since i haven't looked at the oauth code you have used yet. 

    there are parts in the open-inviter plugins where the open-inviter server is connected to.. i'm not sure of the purpose of that.

  • Well I guess we both need to look at code. I will look if I can replace the login part of openinviter plugins, if you could focus on getting the UI part right, no matter how the login will be done. We are still in sync. Right ?

  • i am happy to do the ui parts, yes.. 

    i will look at testing/using your code tomorrow and then think about how to do the ui.

  • Great, have a good night (at least I have to go to sleep now). I love working with you !