How internet might evolve

Those who read my articles know I am not afraid to take some bold views on technology, politics and/or economics. Since the last articles where about the last two it is time for some technological headview....

A good way to predict the future is to look back and try to understand where it might lead to in the future. But there is a catch, inventions follow a different unpredictable path and therefore it will always keeps full of surprise. This noted, I still see a logical path.

Internet started in the late 60's as a project called Arpanet funded by the US defense department to keep communication alive during a nuclear attack.  It was build by universities and after 2 years, only 10 computers where connected. Internet lived a very quiet life in the scientific world, combined with a shadow world of communities and (news)sites filled with useful and doubtful content. In 1986 CERN (Tim Berners Lee) made a giant step forward by inventing the HTTP protocol, which created the world wide web (www) on internet.