Unusual business tip


Besides from being a programmer and manager, I'd like to write blogs about politics, economics and technological headviews. I am not sure if this community can appreciate that, but let's give it a try.

So my first blog here, if you do like it I will post more. I have a lot to say :-)


Today my thoughts are wondering about idealism.

Let's start what it is. It seams to depend on the context


- In political terms it is about a dream that mostly is judged as impractical or impossible.

- In religious terms it is even worse, it is considered stubborn, fanatic or sometimes related to terrorism.

 - In business terms it is considered as a good thing, companies that have idealistic goals are considered more friendly, customer focussed and trusted.

 Funny, that a term can have opposite meanings without changing the word itself. In latin they would call that "non sequitur". So let's analyse closer.