AGPLv3+ Plugins for Elgg

The Lorea Community Plugins repository provides space for Elgg plugins that cannot live in the Elgg Community Plugins repository because of their freedom-binding license.

The GNU Affero General Public License version 3, or later, requires users who want to modify the code to share the modified source with their users over the network. It is often considered restrictive because you have to share the modifications and provide a prominent link to the source code for users to be able to choose whether or not they want to use that code. But it only makes it more difficult for people who hijack free software and include freedom-restrictive or privacy-invasive modifications without the user's knowledge, and consent.

In a world in an unprecedented resource crisis, where rampant surveillance and dispossession are growing business models to transform our civilization into a society of control, the Lorea Faeries find it increasingly important to support and guarantee users' freedom, hence the choice of the AGPLv3+ for distributing Lorea software. The AGPLv3+ ensures that we are indeed working for expanding freedom, for all.

Another critical point for choosing the AGPLv3+ over any other license, is that it helps recognizing free software as a specific technology, a technology for building public infrastructure, such as the Internet, and following the long practice among humans to share culture and science.