Elgg Blog: Elgg 1.8.8 is released with an important bug fix

The 1.8.7 release had a significant bug in our htmlawed plugin that resulted in extra tags in content. Thanks to Miguel Rodríguez Pérez for creating the fix for that bug so quickly. This release also has a new feature written by Sem; administrators can now delete items in the river.

  • 1.8.8 released so quick after 1.8.7 version.

    I am new to elgg few days before I joined, that time was the latest release was 1.8.6. I tested made so many plugins work on my test site but then soon I saw 1.8.7 released so I removed my 1.8.6 test site and started testing 1.8.7 but right now I can see there is 1.8.7.. So I am going to remove again 1.8.7 and gonna try 1.8.8 on my test site. I hope 1.8.9 would not come next sunday :)

    Because I am keep changing to the latest release on my test site so if everything go fine then I will on air my website. Please Cash mention to me what is the difference between 1.8.7 and 1.8.8 ? Only one bug was there in 1.8.7?

  • This was a rare occurrence for Elgg. The bug introduced was severe to warrant an immediate update. Schedule for other releases here: http://trac.elgg.org/roadmap

  • Thanks Cash I just upgraded to 1.8.8 and it is very smooth. I like the new feature to delete any entry from river. Hope in future it will use ajax.

    Thanks whole core team for your hardwork.

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