Elgg Blog: Elgg 1.8.7 Released

Update: there is a bug in the htmlawed plugin distributed with Elgg 1.8.7. Please copy the version from 1.8.6 over the 1.8.7 version.

The 1.8.7 version of Elgg is ready for downloading. We fixed around 40 issues including:

  • Improved search engine friendly URLs
  • Added internalization for the TinyMCE editor
  • Better error messages and forwarding when logged out users try to access content that requires a login
  • Fixed notifications for discussion replies

The full list of changes can be found on our bug tracker. Upgrade to Elgg 1.8.7 to take advantage of these enhancements and bug fixes.

10 developers contributed to this release:

  • Cash Costello
  • Evan Winslow
  • Ismayil Khayredinov
  • Jeroen Dalsem
  • Jerome Bakker
  • Matt Beckett
  • Miguel Rodriguez
  • Paweł Sroka
  • Steve Clay
  • Sem

Interested in what is in store for Elgg 1.8.8? Take a look at the tickets assigned to that milestone on our tracker.

  • @ elgg rocks....I am member of elgg community since version 1.6 and will continue to be a part of it. The progress elgg is making is truely remarkable. 

  • Well, I am new to elgg, I liked a lot the framwork of elgg. I started playing around with elgg 1.8.6 version almost did more than 20 times installations. 

    The main problems are plugins, tidypics is still a dream.

    I think no need to release new new elgg version, first try to upgrade all plugins to the current elgg versions.

    Who is gonna have 1.8.7 version without any working plugin? Tidypics plugin for 1.8.7 is so far more than a dream! Coz still can't find the working one for 1.8.6 !

    There r lot more plugins need to update. I will not try this 1.8.7 untill I see at least importent plugins up to date for this release :)



  • @kiss4ever Plugins that work on one version of 1.8 should work on any other release of 1.8. The updating of plugins to work with Elgg 1.8 is outside of the core developers control.

  • Awesome, thank you, fantastic job as always!

  • How can I upgrade my site to elgg 1.8.7    :)

  • @Cash thanks for your nice reply, but my question is why Photo Album is not a core plugin for elgg? 

    The tidypics I tried on old elgg version is not good as other photo album plugins on other social networking softwares. I don't want to mention here other social network softwares but please is this not possible for elgg to have their own core photo plugin? 

    Photo plugin should come with default script of elgg :) 

    Because without photos social networking has no meaning.

    Tidypics is just a way to upload photos but its not nicer as it should be. Need something better for elgg. I like elgg is awesome script but I am sad elgg does not have a photo core plugin :(

    Good Luck for whole team of elgg


  • @sharon - read the documentation

    @kiss4ever - we have discussed bringing Tidypics into core. It certainly is not going to happen during the 1.8 release series. When a plugin is in core, you know it will work with new releases, but they also tend to evolve at a slower pace.

  • Thank you ELGG Team for the funtastic script.... will there any plan to add friend request too in the core?


  • Thank you for this release.

    For some reason I can't login to bug tracker right now, so I'll post the bug here:

    Deleting wire posts,

    ElggEntity::getOwner deprecated for ElggEntity::getOwnerGUID Called from [#3] C:\wamp\www\elgg_1.8\mod\thewire\actions\delete.php:27

  • I've update my own Elgg to 1.8.7 and that broke my posts, look at http://labo-linux.legtux.org/blog/view/371/le-guide-des-bonnes-pratiques-le-suivrez-vous ='(


    It's only on displaying, because in the texte editor all seem o.k, what could i do ?

  • @Vincent - looks like there are extra a tags in the text. Could you try replacing the htmlawed plugin from 1.8.7 with the htmlawed plugin from 1.8.6 and see if that works better for you?

    @Satheesh - we haven't had any discussions on changing the friend model or offering options on the friend model.

    @gillie - you may need to reset your password. We've been having problems with Trac and passwords over the past few months. Thanks for the bug report. http://trac.elgg.org/ticket/4690

  • Oh, yes thanks @Cash it works fine now, thanks very much \o/

    Edit: you should edit the blog post to speak about it =)

  • @Cash - Resetting did it, thanks for submitting.

  • My one qeustion, now users profile URL is http://mydomain.com/profile/username

    Is it possible with elgg to make it http://mydomain.com/username? or at least to rename profile folder and make it like http://mydomain.com/user/username  

    Is this possible with the current elgg versions? Or can be added in the core next release?



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