Elgg Blog: Elgg 1.8.3 released

Less than a month after the previous release, Elgg 1.8.3 is ready for download. We closed over 60 tickets in making this release. Enhancements and new features include

  • A white list for ajax actions. Developers, it is important that you use elgg_register_ajax_view() to register a view as being available for ajax.
  • Group-specific search on a group's profile page
  • Support for Etag headers for icons, JavaScript, and CSS files.
  • Deprecation notices are now limited to admin users
  • A server information page that makes it easier to figure out what version of PHP you are running and where PHP logging is located.

We also fixed a lot of bugs. You can view a complete list of the closed tickets at our bug tracker site.

We had 7 developers contribute code to this release:

Thank you also to all those who reported bugs.

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