Elgg Blog: Elgg 1.8.2 released!

We are pleased to release the 1.8.2 version of Elgg. We closed over 60 bug tickets in making this release. Bugs that were fixed include

  • Creation of default widgets when users register
  • Insertion of a very small thumbnail by the embed plugin
  • Missing links to site pages in the footer
  • Incorrect activity filtering
  • URL creation involving usernames with non-ASCII characters
  • User picker display raw HTML rather than a list of users

We also added some enhancements like

  • A 404 page for pages not found (developers should return true from page handlers to avoid incorrect 404 pages)
  • A control panel widget for admins
  • JavaScript language files are now cacheable for better page loading times
  • Widget buttons use the menu system (themers take a look at this commit)

This was a community effort that involved over 10 developers. Thanks to all who contributed. The developers are listed below:

Thank you also to all those who reported bugs.

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