Elgg 1.8.0 beta2 released

Elgg 1.8.0 beta 2 has been released to address issues found in the first beta. Thanks to everyone who submitted bugs, made pull requests, or gave other feedback during the first beta!

1.8.0 is the next version of Elgg and includes significant updates to the API and the UI. Developers and end users are encouraged to try the beta to provide feedback and bug reports, but please note that this release is beta quality software that should not be in production.

Changes in the second beta include:

  • Numerous UI bugfixes.
  • Numerous admin area and plugin management improvements.
  • Developer's plugin improvements.
  • Numerous PHP Warnings corrected.
  • Language string corrections and additions.
  • Deprecated function use removed.
  • Code cleanup.
  • Dashboard is now a plugin.
  • Embed plugin now works.
  • Improvements to river views.
  • Improvements to the menu system.
  • Additional documentation added.
  • Fixed problems some users experienced when upgrading from 1.7.X to 1.8.0.
Again, the core team wants to thank everyone who helped with the first beta. Since moving to GitHub we've had a tremendous increase of developer contributions, which helps us to more quickly improve Elgg. Grab a copy of 1.8.0 beta2 and let us know about any bugs you find or other feedback you have!

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